Branding Zerocode is a learning platform for academicians, researchers and students of data science. Zerocode makes learning data analytics easy without coding a single line and provides easy and seamless access to models. We were tasked with creating a strong and engaging brand identity for Zerocode enabling it to seize the potential to create a … Read more

VM Micro Analytics

UI/UX, Branding VM Micro Analytics is a young innovation firm that serves a world-class and a diverse client base to identify, plan and capitalize on digital opportunity wherever it is found. We helped VM Micro with the branding and UI/UX of their website, creating a engaging and interactive web experience.

Shanti Foumach

Branding Shanti Iron & Steel had been around since 1974 and operated with the same brand extensions and marketing material they started with 40 years ago. Shanti Iron & Steel needed a brand refresh and they approached us to modernize their brand identity from Shanti Iron & Steel to Shanti Foumach. We worked on the … Read more